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Our Team


Dr Michael Miu


Dr Michael Miu is a Specialist Anaesthetist and a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician.


* For pain-related enquiries, please contact his private practice Western Pain  (

* For anaesthetic-related enquiries, please contact Precision Anaesthesia


Dr Miu attended medical school at the University of Western Australia and graduated in 2011. He completed his Anaesthesia training in WA and has worked in all major tertiary hospitals. Dr Miu then further specialized in Pain Management for a further two years after completing his Anaesthesia training.


Dr Miu currently has a part time public appointment at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and a private practice at Precision Anaesthesia. Dr Miu is the founder of Western Pain where he specialises in performing interventional pain procedures to help people suffering from chronic pain.


Dr Miu is skilled and experienced in providing anaesthesia for the majority of surgical specialties. His sub-specialty interests for Anaesthesia include General Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Plastics, Neurosurgery, ENT, Urology.


Dr Miu will always see and speak with you prior to surgery. This will occur in hospital on the day of surgery for the majority of patients. In certain circumstances, consultations may be required either in his room or via telephone. It is important that you complete the Precision Anaesthesia questionnaire.


After your surgery, Dr Miu is happy to talk if you have any queries or concerns. He is contactable through the hospital where your surgery was performed, or via Precision Anaesthesia practice. 

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