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All of our Anaesthetists are consultant specialists who have completed a full 5 or 6-year medical degree, 2 years of residency followed by at least 5 years of anaesthetic training and specialty exams. This is a minimum of 12 years training, and in some cases more.  All our Anaesthetists are fellows of The Australian and New Zealand College Of Anaesthetists or equivalent. Many hold positions at the major teaching hospitals in Perth (FSH, RPH and PCH). Collectively our Anaesthetists cover all surgical sub specialties including Cardiothoracics, Paediatrics, Plastic Surgery, ENT, and Neurosurgery. See our Anaesthetist's Profiles for more details. 


Precision Anaesthesia strives for excellence at all times. You can rely on our highly experienced, well-credentialed Anaesthetists to guide you through this, sometimes stressful, process with professionalism, skill, and particular attention to your well-being and comfort. Above all, your safety is our priority. 

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