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Please read the contact options below

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Our preferred and most efficient method of contact is via Email;  Emails are replied to very promptly . If you require a quote, please Email us with the information  requested using this link ”Quote


If you wish to contact us by phone, please choose your Anaesthetic Doctor from the options below. We appreciate you are busy, and it will save you significant time if you use the correct number.


Rebekah : Medical Secretary to:

 Dr Khan, Dr Liddell, Dr Mace, Dr Paine, Dr Ramadas, and all surgical assistant enquiries

​      T: (08) 6478 7633

Rachel : Medical Secretary to:
Dr Forsyth, Dr Mahendran and Dr Papaelias

       T: (08) 6478 7634


Claire : Medical Secretary to:

Dr Fergie, Dr Greenwood, Dr Lamb, Dr Malik,  Dr Swann, Dr Syed, Dr Ti, and Dr Wells

      T: (08) 6478 7635


Bev : Medical Secretary to:

Dr Adams, Dr Alarcon, Dr Day, Dr Edwards, Dr Kingsbury, Dr McGrath,  Dr Rainbird, and Dr Rhodes.

       T: (08) 6478 7636

Vicki : Medical Secretary to:

Dr Anderson, Baird, Dr Hashemi,  Dr Miu

      T: (08) 64787637

Karen : Medical Secretary to:

Dr Chen , Dr Desai, Dr Lokon ,Dr Ng, Dr Palmer, Dr Prasad, Dr Stepanovic

      T: (08) 64787638


If you do not know who your Anaesthetic Doctor is please call

        T: (08) 62447850 

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