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Dr Magda Rhodes

Dr Magda Rhodes   MBBS FANZCA

Dr Rhodes is a locally trained and senior experienced Consultant Anaesthetist, with particular interest in obstetric, orthopaedic and general surgical anaesthesia. Dr Rhodes completed her undergraduate medical degree (MBBS) at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 1999 and her specialist Anaesthesia training (FANZCA) in WA in 2008. She has completed fellowships in obstetric anaesthesia and difficult airway anaesthesia here in Perth. Dr Rhodes initially worked at Fremantle Hospital in the role of Consultant Anaesthetist and Supervisor of Training, transitioning to full time private practice in 2011. She currently works at a number of private hospitals throughout Perth, anaesthetising for all surgical subspecialties except cardio thoracic, neurosurgery and paediatric surgery. She is particularly involved in in-hours and after-hours obstetric anaesthesia at SJOG Murdoch hospital, as well as, anaesthesia for major joint replacement surgery, gastroenterology, gynaecology, urology and general surgery.

Most often, Dr Rhodes will see you in hospital on the day of surgery to review and discuss your medical history preoperatively and answer any questions. Sometimes, Dr Rhodes will call you prior to your surgery if required. Referred patients and patients with significant medical problems undergoing major procedure will be seen in the rooms prior to surgery. Please fill out the Precision Anaesthesia preoperative questionnaire.

Fasting instructions

Morning surgery

Fast from midnight for food and milk. You may have clear fluids (water or lemonade) until 5.30am.

Afternoon surgery

A light breakfast (including tea, coffee or any other milk drink) to be finished by 7am. You may have clear fluids (water or lemonade) until 10am.

Please contact your surgeon’s rooms to confirm if your surgery is booked for the morning or the afternoon, as your admission time is not always a clear indicator.

Usually you should NOT interrupt your normal medications and they can be taken as usual with a few sips of water. However, diabetic patients and patients on anticoagulant medications or ‘blood thinners’ (warfarin, aspirin, Plavix/Clopidrogrel, ticagrelol, apixaban/Eliquis, Clexane, Pradaxa, heparin etc) should contact Precision Anaesthesia for special advice.

Dr Rhodes is a HBF preferred provider. This means no shortfall  payment from your insurance applies for HBF patients for non-restricted Medicare rebatable surgery. All other health funds will incur an out of pocket expense. Please check with Dr Rhodes’ rooms for quotes and other billing enquires. Uninsured patients and cosmetic surgery patients will need to prepay before their surgery.

Outside of work, Dr Magda Rhodes enjoys keeping fit, reading, outdoor activities and spending time with her family, friends and pets.

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Bookings & Enquiries

Dr Magda Rhodes

08 6478 7636

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7 Stuart Street
Mosman Park, WA 6012

Please note our rooms are not always staffed. It is essential you have an appointment  before attending.

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